Common Signs That Your Roof May Be Failing

Roofing problems–like many problems in life–are easier to fix when you spot them before catastrophe hits. Staying vigilant and looking out for signs that your roof may be failing can save you a bundle of trouble and cash. So here are some common signs to watch for that may point to a failing roof.

Interior Water Stains

Common Signs That Your Roof May Be FailingWhen you see water stains on your interior ceilings and walls, a failing roof should be at the top of your differential diagnosis. While these water stains may point to plumbing issues, they could also be indicative of water getting into your home via failing roof materials.

Try to follow the water stains back to their source. Verify pipe locations and proximity to the roof. Spotting these when a leak is small can help avoid serious issues like caved in ceilings or mold.

Moss Growth

Seeing vegetation like moss growing on your roof is never a good sign. And while it may not be failing yet, if this growth is allowed to continue problems could arise soon.

That’s because this vegetation will soon find its way beneath the shingles, raising them to the point of letting water underneath. Seeing buckled shingles with evidence of moss growth is a surge sign water has access to the lower levels of your roof.

Fading or Worn Shingles

Roofing shingles tend to last two to three decades. While they’re a hearty material that keeps your home safe and protected for years, they will begin to show wear and tear as they approach the end of their life.

Fading can be a big sign that your roof is aging past peak effectiveness. Damage from sunlight causes visible fading and degradation in shingles. Same may become brittle and snap off small pieces with heavy weather.

If you ever find small, gravelly stone around the perimeter of your house such as on your deck you may be seeing the pieces of your roof shingles deteriorating. This unfortunate symptom of a failing roof is a big clue that your shingles are in poor shape.

Missing Shingles

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your roof is faring poorly is when you simply see missing shingles. As the front-line protective layer for your roof, any significant damage to your shingles must be treated as a red flag in need of quick fixes.

Luckily, missing shingles are a simple repair. If you spot them before any water or ice manages to penetrate lower layers of your roof, missing shingles are unlikely to do damage at all.

However, it is important to investigate why your shingles fell off. Even if there was recently a big storm, a roof in good shape should not shed shingles so there may be an age-related problem that needs to be addressed.

If your roof shows signs of failing or any roofing problems, don’t wait to call the Roof Doctors. Keep up on your roof by scheduling regular service calls after the hardest-hitting seasonal storms of winter and summer. Reach us at (207) 772-2719 for roof inspections and repairs.

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