Current Roofing Trends to Consider

When it’s time to update your roof, consider making more than just a change to new materials. In 2021, there are several roofing trends that can give you better function and looks when you make this upgrade to your home.

Solar Panels

Current Roofing Trends to ConsiderAffordability and governmental incentives have forwarded the potential for solar energy across all socio-economic strata for homeowners. Whether looking to purchase panels or opt into a rental system that gives you a discount on greener energy, solar panels are an achievable, desirable 2021 roofing trend that more households are ready to pursue.

Not only are traditional solar panels taking residence on more roofs, but solar panel tiles are also replacing the need for shingles altogether. These aesthetically pleasing shingle alternatives collect energy from the sun like solar panels without the bulky, shiny look.

For those looking to go green in a low-profile way, investigating solar roof options as the finishing touch on your new roof could be your best option.


Metal roofs offer several advantages. For areas where heavy snows are expected, metal grooved roofs may be easier to clean off with a rake due to their vertical structure. This is especially attractive to Maine residents looking to prevent damage from heavy snows and ice dams.

Snow isn’t the only thing metal roofs keep out. They reflect UV light from the sun, keeping the home cooler. They are also less prone to water damage as rain runs off.

Rooftop Gardens

With the right roof shape and space, using the roof as another growing space is a trend growing across the industry. Wouldn’t you love to get your own tomatoes, potatoes, and lettuce was grown fresh on top of your roof?

Great for small lots, taking advantage of a flat roof for a garden is an excellent plan. Though this can take some serious design from your roofing company, the benefits are clear.

Get Creative

If you’re looking for ways to improve the curb appeal of your home, don’t discount the roof as wasted space. This big section of your home is open to creative design just like your siding or landscaping.

Shingle shape, material, and layering style can change the look of your home. If you want to capitalize on the currently popular cottage chic look, considering wood shingles may be the way to go. Similarly, opting for rounded roof shingles can give your home a gingerbread-house appearance that plays into a softer home style.

Playing with color in your roofing material can also make a big splash when it comes to attractiveness. While neutral metallics are still “in” right now, there are options to use blues and greens in both asphalt shingle roofs as well as metal ones.

If it’s time for a roof upgrade to something trendier, reach out to The Roof Doctors today. We can help you design a roof you love the look of with the same kind of function that you want and need. Call today at (207) 772-2719.

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