Picking The Right Shingle Colors and Patterns

A roof can account for up to 40% of a home’s visual exterior. Apart from providing protection, the roof is a key home design element. High-quality shingles with thoughtful colors and patterns increase property value, add ambiance to outdoor spaces, and can even express a homeowner’s personality. Don’t let your shingle color and pattern be an afterthought.


Choosing Shingle Colors


It can be difficult to choose a shingle color that complements your home’s exterior. There is a lot to take into consideration, such as your home’s exterior color. Avoid shingles the same color as your house or your home will look bland. Consider the color of doors and shutters and choose a matching or complementary color.

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Also consider the area that you live in. Choose colors that blend with the environment you live in. That’s why you tend to see earth-toned roofs in the southwest and greens and light gray roofs in the northwest. If you live in a wooded area consider shades of grey, brown, or green to balance with the surrounding environment.


When in doubt, here are some popular house and shingle color combinations:


                     House Color                                                                      Complementary Shingle Color


                         Red/Brick                                                                                Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Green
                       Light Grey                                                                              Grey, Black, Red, Green, Blue, White
                     Beige/Sand/Taupe                                                                Brown, Black, Red, Grey, Green, Blue
                         Brown                                                                                             Grey, Brown, Green, Blue
                         White                                                                      Almost any color including Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Blue, Red
                      Wood Houses                                                                                 Brown, Green, Black, Grey


Your shingles don’t have to be a solid color. Try mixing colors or choosing shingles with flecks of color for a more interesting look. Keep in mind that the greater the slope of your roof, the more shingles you’ll be able to see. This may affect your choice of color or pattern. Ask for shingle color samples that you can compare to your home’s exterior.


Shingle Shapes and Patterns


Beyond color, you can also select different shingle shapes and patterns. Typically, you see rectangular, or square butt, shingles. However, shingles can also come in octagon, diamond, fish scale, and chisel shapes. Shingles can be applied in a half-shingle offset or a half-tab offset pattern or applied in a racking or pyramid pattern layout.


You can also create a pattern by using shingles of alternating colors. Try a monochromatic pattern such as a tri-colored grey or go bold with reds and oranges for a southwestern-inspired pattern.


Keep in mind that roofing is a long-term commitment. Shingles installed by a quality roofing contractor will last for years and years to come so make sure you pick something you like that complements your home and style. If you’re having trouble deciding or want a second opinion to consult with your roofing contractor.


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