Spring Can Bring High Winds and Storms. A Maine Roof Inspection Can Make Sure Your Ready.

April showers bring May flowers—and roof damage. Whether you’re up in the mountains or on the shoreline, a blustery spring forecast portends nothing good for a roof in need of repairs. If you’ve sustained some damage that’s only clear after the snow melted off, don’t wait to have a Maine roof inspection by The Roof Doctors.

Spring Can Bring High Winds and Storms. A Maine Roof Inspection Can Make Sure Your Ready.

Once the snow clears and before the high winds start is the perfect time to get us up on your roof to take a look around. During a roof inspection, we check for missing and damaged shingles, inappropriate aging, moss growth, and any potential gaps to the subroof. Missing shingles or gaps, cracks, and damage can all lead to several significant problems you’ll want to avoid.

Poor installation or repairs can also lead to roof issues. If you’ve just purchased a home or you’re starting to expect your previous roofers didn’t do the best job, having a roof inspection can catch problems before they become catastrophes.


In an area where all seasons bring different, potentially damaging, precipitation, roof leaks are a big concern for Maine residents. Water damage on the lower levels is an unpleasant, sometimes expensive project that is best avoided.

If you dealt with ice dams over the winter, a roof inspection is especially important to survey any damage. Prepare for the next season by checking for any gaps, cracks, or signs of water leaking along your roof.


And where there is water damage, there may be mold. Mold is one of the most insidious problems in homeownership. It can be difficult to track water damage from a leak without tearing out walls, which means early stages of dampness and early mold growth are often not discovered.

Instead, they are found when a larger problem reveals them such as health issues or a mold test during real estate transactions. Remediation costs average in the low thousands but can go over $10,000 for serious issues. Prevent this expensive problem by keeping your roof in excellent shape.

High Heating and Cooling Costs

Damage to your roof can threaten the insulation of your home. If you are steadily losing air out of the damaged part of your roof, you may notice an increase in both your heating and cooling costs.

A threat to energy efficiency is bad for your wallet and the environment. Stay on top of the damage to save yourself the unpleasant costs of coping with poor insulation.

Damage does not automatically mean a new roof. You can replace shingles that match your current roofing and solve problem areas. Our inspection can give you an estimate on the remaining life in your roof and the pros and cons of patching versus replacing.

If your roof is looking a little weather-worn this spring, call The Roof Doctors for a roof inspection before the spring storms really begin. Call or text us today at (207) 772-2719 to schedule your inspection.

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