Summer Roofing Problems to Watch Out For

Summer seems like the time when all your problems go away and get replaced with days at the lake and excellent barbeque—except for if you’re a homeowner. The summer brings a host of problems to deal with in your home, including summer roofing problems that you need to watch out for.

Storm Damage

Summer Roofing Problems to Watch Out ForWinter ice storms are brutal on roofs, but summer storms can be just as bad. Especially for those living on the coast, high winds and heavy rains can have an overwhelming effect on your roof. These can include lost shingles, leaks, and damage from falling trees.

Just like you must clear your gutters and drains of ice after winter storms to prevent backed-up leaks, so too must you clean out your gutters in the summer months to prevent vegetation blockages from causing leaks in heavy rains.

If you have storm damage, don’t wait to get it fixed. Instead, call us as soon as possible for repairs. Even though it may not seem urgent to get repairs done during the warm summer months, leaving your damaged roof exposed to the elements means more potential leaks, wood rot, and mold.

Sun Damage

Your roof is designed to be exposed to the sun, obviously! But during the summer months, as temperatures climb, damage from the sun increases. Some damage may be as simple as premature aging on the roof. This can mean problems sooner than later and a poor appearance.

Other problems include melting roof materials. This can threaten the integrity of your roof, so it is important to get it checked out if anything seems tarry or melted on your roof. If you suspect your roof has sun damage, talk to us about what improvements can be made to prevent further damage.

Vegetation Growth

If you have moss growing on your roof in the warm summer months, you might be thinking of it as just an unsightly maintenance issue. But truthfully, vegetation growth on your roof can be one of the most damaging problems you encounter.

Who knew such a small plant could be so insidious? But the truth is that the moss’s steady growth can easily lead to it uplifting your shingles. As the growth wedges between the shingles and your main roof, openings for water damage grow. Leaks, rotted wood, and more can occur just from this simple growth.

It’s important to get vegetation removed sooner than later, but you should never powerwash your shingles as this ages them. Reach out to the Roof Doctors if you see moss growth on your roof shingles. We can help you learn about fighting moss with simple bleach solutions that restore the integrity and look of your roof.

Homeownership responsibility does not take a summer vacation, but neither does the Roof Doctors. If you need repairs and maintenance due to summer roofing problems including storm damage, sun damage, vegetation growth, and more, reach out to prevent further problems with your roof. Call us today at (207) 772-2719.

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