Winterizing Your Roof 

When it comes to chilly Maine winters, winterizing your roof is an essential step to keeping your home warm and dry for the season. The Roof Doctors can help you get your roof properly winterized by checking the shape it is in now and taking steps to repair any problem areas before the snow comes in.

Prevent Ice Dams

Winterizing Your Roof Ice dams are a serious cause of leaks and damage to roofs in the winter. Ice dams occur when melted snow is trapped on the roof and refreezes. Debris in corners of the roof or gutters can lead to ice dams. We recommend having your gutters cleaned and any debris removed from around your roof such as at the top edge of skylight trim to prevent ice from building up and causing leaks. Heat cables are one solution that can help melt ice as it forms on your roof. Get these professionally installed to cover the parts of the roof most likely to cause issues.

Evaluate Surroundings

Do you have overarching tree branches that may fall onto your roof or dump extra snow and ice there over the winter? Considering a pre-winter tree trim may save you from some headaches as the season gets underway.

Likewise, think about how much shade your roof gets. If your roof is angled away from the sun, it may be preferable to invest in some tools that help remove snow sooner than later like a snow rake. Allowing heavy snow to build upon the shady side of your roof increases your risk of damage from melting and refreezing and the heavyweight of the snow.

Integrity Checks

Roof quality can degrade with age and damage. You may not always be able to spot it from the ground, but cracking shingles or exposed roofing layers may contribute to problems during the winter season. Loose shingles may lift off in the high winds of winter storms. If large sections of shingles fly off during a storm, the exposed subroof will be vulnerable to further damage. Though the subroof should be weather-resistant, you do not want to risk its prolonged exposure by leaving damaged shingles on unrepaired heading into winter.

Performing routine integrity checks around your roof can help you find problems before they become disasters. Check out your shingles and gutters yourself or have the Roof Doctors out to take a look.

Roof Doctors’ Diagnosis

To make sure your roof is ready for the winter, have the Roof Doctors out for a close inspection before the season. We can identify any of the aforementioned problems and make recommendations for timely repairs. You’ll prevent serious seasonal damage when you take the time to get ready before the season brings serious storms.

We at the Roof Doctors have been serving Greater Portland for 25 winters and know what it takes to keep your home safe, dry, and warm this winter. Let us help you winterize your roof and get prepared for the season when you call (207) 772-2719 today to set up a check for your roof or other winterizing services.

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