Consult a Roofing Specialist

The roof is one of the most important structural components of the entire house. It protects your family and possessions from harsh weather and makes your home comfortable. It is recommended to consult a roofing specialist for maintenance checks or if problems arise such as leaks or shingle damage. A roof that is expertly installed with high-quality materials and properly maintained will give you years of value for your money. A sound roof also increases your home’s worth, improves energy efficiency, and increases resale value.


To get the most out of your roof, you should partner with a roofing specialist. You want a roofer or roofing company that has the professional expertise to assess the issue, come up with workable solutions, and execute with skill and timeliness. For example The Roof Doctors in Maine have an A+ BBB rating and over 180 positive Google reviews and many satisfied clients throughout Cumberland and York counties.

Here are 3 situations for which we recommend you should consult a roofing specialist and the 3 benefits you get from doing so.


Roof Check-Up and Maintenance

damaged roofs


Roofs do not last forever. Over time they age and pounding weather takes its toll too. Sometimes a particularly bad rain or snow storm with high winds, heavy rain, ice, or snow, can unexpectantly push the limits of your roof’s capabilities.  Sudden fallen limbs can damage your roof. Damage is likely worse if your roof is old or if the initial installation was sub-par.


A roofing specialist can do a check-up, evaluating your roof for issues that can spell trouble ahead if not addressed. They can also do repairs, performing efficient roof repairs and patching to keep you warm and dry. Roof specialists can also help with maintenance tasks like roof inspections and snow and ice removal to maximize your roof’s performance. Also doing a roof check-up allows you to plan ahead for the day when you may need your roof replaced.


Roof Replacement


A roof replacement involves tearing off your old roofing materials down to the decking and installing new underlayments and shingles. It is also an opportunity to repair or replace flashing and gutters. A significant undertaking but when necessary, it is a valuable investment.

Signs that indicate it’s time to contact a specialist for roof replacement are:


● Missing or damaged shingles


● Interior water stains


● Sagging roof


● The roof looks old, faded, or worn


● Missing flashing, gutter Guards, or fascia

You may think that a roof replacement or new roof installation sounds like a painstaking process, but for a company like  The Roof Doctors, they are able to provide worry-free service by working quickly and efficiently.

New Roof Installation


For new home construction projects, a roofing specialist will build the framework of the roof and install everything from the roof decking and flashing to underlayment, shingles, and more. You want to make sure your roof is installed properly from the start to avoid costly repairs down the line.


If your current roof is severely failing, you may need a new roof installed. This means removing everything to work on the structural framework of the roof and installing all-new roofing components.


3 Reasons to Consult a Roofing Expert


It may be difficult for a homeowner to tell how severe their roof damage is. A roofing specialist will be able best advise you whether your roof needs repaired, replaced, or newly installed. Consulting early also allows your expert to show you where they have small concerns which need to be addressed so they do not become big expensive jobs later.

Roofing specialists also offer:


1. Experience: They have the knowledge and experience to tackle any roofing project efficiently.


2. Safety and Compliance: Experts perform the job with care and ensure that your roof is durable, safe, and up to code.


3. Best Materials: Roofing specialists have access to high-quality materials to construct roofs that are aesthetic, long-lasting, durable, and energy efficient.


Maine Roofing Specialists – The Roof Doctors


If you are in need of a roofing specialist in southern Maine, look no further than The Roof Doctors. They specialize in roof replacements and new roof installations. In addition, they also provide roof repair services and snow and ice dam removal.

The Roof Doctors have been providing exceptional roofing services to their valued customers since 1997. In that time, they have established themselves as roofing specialists with a strong work ethic, professional attitude, and superior craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for professional, reliable, high-quality roofing services at competitive prices, call  the specialists at The Roof Doctors at (207) 772-2719 to request a quote.

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