Why Good Attic Ventilation Is So Critical for Your Roof

When installing or replacing a roof there are many elements to consider like the roofing materials and colors. One important roofing element that homeowners often forget to consider is actually what is under the roof– the attic and how well it is ventilated. Attic ventilation is key to regulating temperature year-round.

A good attic ventilation system helps protect your home and increases the lifespan of the roof, while a poor ventilation system can have significant costly consequences.


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What is Ventilation

Attic ventilation is made up of a system of exhaust and intake vents strategically placed in the attic or in the roofing.


Exhaust vents are typically located at the roof’s ridge and intake vents are positioned under the soffit or at the drip edge.


There are two main methods of attic ventilation- mechanical and natural. The mechanical method requires a power source to pull cool air in and push hot air out. In the natural method, hot air rises and increases air pressure. Cool air enters the attic through intake vents and pushes the hot air out through exhaust vents, creating a continuous flow and keeping the attic cool.


Importance of Good Ventilation


Most attics are unfinished and only used for storage, so why is ventilation to keep the attic cool so important? Proper attic ventilation:


● Prevents condensation which leads to mold and rot


● Increases energy efficiency


● Increases the roof’s lifespan


● Reduces temperature extremes in a home’s interior


● Prevents ice dams


If your attic is poorly ventilated, that excessive heat can warp and prematurely age the roof’s shingles. In the winter, that excessive heat melts the bottom layer of snow on the roof and the water flows downward. When the water reaches the cold outer edge of the roof lower down, it refreezes, creating an ice dam. This causes water to seep under the shingles, damaging the roof.


Overall, good attic ventilation lowers energy costs, prevents damage, and avoids costly roof repairs. When installing a new roof or replacing an old one, work with an experienced roofing contractor who will include adequate ventilation to avoid these issues.


Is Your Attic Properly Ventilated?


If you are unsure of how well your attic’s ventilation system works, here are some signs that it may need to be repaired:


● Significant increase in cooling costs


● Ice buildup along the roof’s edge in winter months


● Wavy or rippled shingles


● Water stains in the attic


● Regular allergy symptoms or respiratory illnesses among the home’s residents


If you notice some of these signs, or your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, have a trusted local roofing contractor inspect your roofing and attic ventilation for any issues.


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